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A stained-glass window is illumined when the sun shines through, and its brilliant colors glow in a magic dance of light.

The human soul, though made up of superior elements, will only reach fullness when permeated by divine clarity.

Like a sparkling diamond, the human soul also becomes a shining star when perfected through suffering and dedication to
the service of others.

You must understand that your spiritual progress is of absolute importance, and you must not get entangled by the petty problems of    everyday life lest you will slow down your evolution.

The unexpected obstacles a traveler meets with along a road should make him think up ways to overcome them. But the traveler will thwart his pace if he allows the thorns and gravels which pave the way to hurt his feet.

So, bathe yourself in the divine light, and let it illumine the dark corners of your life where jealousy, spite, envy, indolence, and other moral imperfections have found shelter.

Created for stellar glory, you are a cosmos in miniature. Emerging from the fiery nebulae of human passions, strive to gravitate in harmony with divine thought and do not go astray. The irresistible attracting power of God’s love will lead us all to Him.

Plunge yourself in the light of Love so that the spirit in you may irradiate it, and then no shadows shall loom over your feelings.
Your personal light will reach others, and shine in the world.

The light of God will kindle the spark of spiritual wealth within you, bringing out all your dormant virtues, and this light of God shall shake them out to life.

Joanna de Angelis