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posted Apr 25, 2015, 11:44 AM by Lia Gouveia   [ updated Mar 7, 2017, 7:48 PM ]
Our Daily Bread by [Xavier, Francisco Candido]
Dear friends,
We would like to share with you few Spiritist books:

1) The book "Our Daily Bread", by Francisco Candido Xavier (EDICEI of America) received bronze from 2015 Illumination Book Awards - CHRISTIAN THOUGHT

Click on the following links for more information:

2) After death by Leon Denis, a Spiritist french book translated into English:

After Death

3) Money by Chico Xavier and Emmanuel:

Suggested to those seeking to better understand how to achieve a balanced approach in life. It is possible to exchange currency for food aimed at helping those in poverty. That same exchange can be used to acquire a bottle of medicine which will serve to relieve a patient stretched out on a cot. 
Simple examples of how even money can be used as a tool for divine intervention on Earth. 

As Emmanuel* said:

“Books represent a blessed rain, fertilizing the soil of the human heart, bringing peace, comfort, and enlightenment, to millions of people. The noble book will clarify the intelligence and illuminate reason, prevailing over the darkness of the world”

* Spiritual Guide of Francisco Candido Xavier

Peace be with you,