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It is a initiative of the Spiritist Centers in Atlanta, GA (USA) and also supported by Spiritists throughout the world.

Spiritist Radio is a non-profit organization with the main purpose of responsibly spread Spiritism.

Upcoming events

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Monthly meetings

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We welcome everyone to participate on our Systematic Study of the Gospel According to Spiritism planned for every meeting (see SSNB Calendar for dates):

After the Gospel we continue our studies based on other Kardec's work:

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Thank you for your participation,

The Spiritist Magazine

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Illumination Books

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Our Daily Bread by [Xavier, Francisco Candido]
Dear friends,
We would like to share with you few Spiritist books:

1) The book "Our Daily Bread", by Francisco Candido Xavier (EDICEI of America) received bronze from 2015 Illumination Book Awards - CHRISTIAN THOUGHT

Click on the following links for more information:

2) After death by Leon Denis, a Spiritist french book translated into English:

After Death

3) Money by Chico Xavier and Emmanuel:

Suggested to those seeking to better understand how to achieve a balanced approach in life. It is possible to exchange currency for food aimed at helping those in poverty. That same exchange can be used to acquire a bottle of medicine which will serve to relieve a patient stretched out on a cot. 
Simple examples of how even money can be used as a tool for divine intervention on Earth. 

As Emmanuel* said:

“Books represent a blessed rain, fertilizing the soil of the human heart, bringing peace, comfort, and enlightenment, to millions of people. The noble book will clarify the intelligence and illuminate reason, prevailing over the darkness of the world”

* Spiritual Guide of Francisco Candido Xavier

Peace be with you,

3nd Walk-a-thon‏

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Dear friends,

On September 13th 2014, T

he Spiritist Society of North Beach (SSNB) & Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet (AFSCB) 

promoted the 3nd Walk-A-Thon in the city of North Beach, Maryland. 

This year the proceeds 

will help fund the Melwood Horticultural Training Center located in Upper Marlboro MD which provides job training, employment opportunities and recreational opportunities for people with differing abilities.  

So we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to 

everyone who worked directly or indirectly to put this event together.
God bless you!
If you wish to know more about 

Melwood please visit their website at 

Thank you,


The right place

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You were born into the home that you needed, 
You have got the physical body that you deserved, 
You live where God better placed you, accordingly to your advancement.
You possess the financial means coherent for your needs, not more, not less, but enough for your earthly struggles.
Your work place is what you have freely elected for your achievements.
Your relatives, friends are the souls that you attracted, with your own affinity.
Therefore, your destiny is constantly under your control.
You have chosen, picked, elected, attracted, searched, expelled, modified all things that surround your existence.
Your thoughts and will are the key to your acts and attitudes.
They are the sources of attraction and repulsion in your living journey.
Do not complain or act as a victim.
Before anything, analyze and observe.
The change is in your hands.
Reprogram your goal, research well and you will live better.
Although nobody can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new ending.

Finding Peace Within event

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Finding Peace Within

Dear friends, our 2nd Annual Peace Event occurred on May 4th, 2014 was successful thanks to dedicated members and volunteers and the performance of talented young musicians, singers and dancers. Our guest speaker Julio Carvalho gave us an enlightening lecture about the importance of finding peace within ourselves first to be able to spread it to the world around us.
We have recorded the event and made available in YouTube. Search for 2nd Finding Peace Within 2014 
Thank you for your support,
SSNB board members

About Healthy Nutrition

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On November 24th 2013 Celia Batista gave a lecture at SSNB with the title "Spiritist Concepts on Healthy Nutrition".
In this talk, Spiritist views on nutritional and health issues such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity were analyzed and discussed.
Celia is a professor and researcher in the nutritional field and Spiritist.
She kindly suggest us to look for more information at the following website
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Reconciling Reincarnation and the Bible

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was the subject exposed by our guest speaker Daniel Assisi from California.
The event was held on Sunday, August 4th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at our center.

Find few pictures taken after the event during our confraternization on the following link:

The video with the lecture has been posted to YouTube in 3 parts. You can play the video searching by Reincarnation and the Bible - part1 or just click on the following link:

Thank you for your participation.

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