Charity:  benevolence for every one, indulgence for the imperfections of others, forgiveness of injuries. (The Spirits' Book, question 886)

The need of charity, according to Saint Paul:


Even if I spoke the languages of the men and of the angels, if I have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Even if I had the gift of prophecy, even if I understood all the mysteries and all knowledge, and even if I had all the faith, so that I could remove mountains, if I have not charity, l am nothing. Even if I bestow my goods to feed the poor, and even if I give my body to be burned, if I have not charity, it profits me nothing.

Charity is patient; is kind and beneficent. Charity is not envious; is not reckless, nor precipitate; it is not prideful; - is not disdainful; it doesn't take care of its interests; it does not enrage nor turns itself sour with anything; it does not suspect badly; it does not rejoice in the iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; it bears everything, believes everything, waits and suffers everything.

Now, these three virtues: faith, hope and charity stay; but, among them, the most excellent is charity. (Saint Paul, Corinthians, 13:1-7 & 13).

This is the way in which Saint Paul understood this great truth, which said: When I have learned the language of the angels, when I have the gift of prophecy - which I can penetrate all the mysteries -, when I have all the faith that is possible - even to the point of transporting mountains -, if l do not have charity, then l am nothing. Within these three virtues: faith, hope and charity, the most superior is charity. In this manner, and without any possible doubt, Paul places charity above even faith. This is because charity is within the reach of everybody, from the ignorant to the wise person, from rich to poor people, and it is independent of any particular beliefs.

He does even more: he defines true charity, shows it as being not only beneficence, but also as a collective of all the qualities of the heart; in the goodness, and in benevolence towards all of our fellow beings.

(The Gospel According to Spiritism - Chapter 15 - Out of charity there is no salvation)
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